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could become a key feature of agriculture. Some fear that Germany's ruling government coalition ban of GMO maize could damage th

s such as ginseng, cal
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ciu▓m, medicated food and other things tha▓t are good for health.Please scan the QR Code

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    e country鈥檚 reput▓ation as a location for scientific development. Earlier this month, German Agriculture M▓inister Ilse Aigner

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    banned cultivation and sale of GMO maize of type MON 810 produced by U.▓S. seed giant Monanto. Aigner stated

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    ▓she would make a new review of an applicat▓ion for open-air trial cultivation of the GMO pota▓to Amflora developed by Ger

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    man group BASF鈥攚hich is not yet involved in commercial plantings. Related s▓tories:BEIJING, Dec. 15 -- Scie

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    ntists may have figured out one reason some people reach ▓for the french fries instead of an apple. It could

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    be a gene that's been linked to an increased risk of obesity▓. A study of children found those w▓ith a common variation of t

)-- German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned against t

oo muc ity toward crops containing genetically-modifi ed organisms (GM
Os) and "There must be a n open politic al discussi▓on abou t the risks and
concerns otechno▓logy," th e Chancellor s aid Friday at an eve nt in Berlin, 
adding itical level, howeve r, should not immed▓iately give w ay to objections

, Reuters reported. Merkel said many millions of euros had

oday could be connected to the widespread availability and low cost of high-calorie foods. The research is published in Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine.▓ Last year, scientists discovered the gene, named FTO, ▓was linked to obesity but they

been invested in▓ developing such crops as the Amflora potato in

didn't know why. Most▓ of the other genes thought to affect body▓ weight influence appetite. Palmer an▓d his colleagues wanted to know if the FTO gene also had to do with eating behavior, or whether it involved how the body burns calories. They s▓tu

 the hope that field

trials could be made. "This fact ca▓nnot simply

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    0 Scottish children ages 4 t▓o 10 and put a group of them through extensive tests. Nearly two-thirds of the chi

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    at least one copy of the gene variant, about the same proportion found in last year's study of mostly white

  • Europeans. T

    hat study found that those with one copy of the gene variant had a ▓30 percent increased risk of obesity, and

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    wo copies had almost a 70 percent i▓ncreased risk. The gene variation is also found in other populations; the f

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    Chinese is about half that of Europeans. After confirming the obesity link in the larger Scottish group, the

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    earchers examin▓ed 97 of the children. They took a number of measurements, including body fat and metabolic rat

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    ▓he children were given three meals at school to evaluate their eating behavior. The meal included a mix of f

be ignored because currently sentimen▓t is hostile,"

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